The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Possible reasons for citizenship refusal

By Meg

Any of these might have something to do with IRCC's negative decision on Elena's citizenship application: (more…)

Elena is refused Canadian citizenship: what we’re going to do

By Meg

Canada has spoken: we are not welcome. Okay, we get it, and let’s face it, Canada is really not our kind of party scene! Reality is: we just want to be together, being a family with citizenship in the same country would be a total bonus. Elena’s objective wasn’t to be Canadian, it was to be with me. All we want is a bit of safety, not to be separated, to be equals, to pursue our dreams, to adventure on our sailboat and see some of the world that denied us landing all those years ago, when we fled for our lives across half this amazing planet.

What Now? (more…)