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Elena Wrote Her Story in English

March, 2021
Elena, Alabama hills

Elena wrote her story, Talking to the Moon, in English! It is not published on any of the book distribution platforms. Instead, the story has it’s own website, where you can read it online or get the EPUB file. It is not a translation of Elena’s original, Russian language memoir, of the same name Говорящая с луной, but Elena retelling the story anew, and with the advantage of years of freedom and experience.

Talking to the Moon is a true story of a Russian woman who turned her life 180 degrees, completely reshaping her destiny, she saw before as inescapable. Elena’s liberation begins by sheer chance; meeting a foreigner online whose audacity and strive for experience Elena finds irresistible. The two women plan what once would have been unthinkable to Elena – meeting in person. Just the two of them! And on neutral territory, in Kiev, Ukraine. Away from Elena’s jail and keepers - her town, her family and everyone she knows in Russia. With her society insulted by her self-interest, self-actualization and happiness, Elena lives like a deep-cover spy. Any unforeseen interference or mistake and weakness on her part threatens her escape to Kiev and a chance of her having a life that is truly her own.

Elena was in awe. Meg was the very first example in her life of someone bowing down to nobody. She was a vestige of no one. Not only that, it was by Meg's own choice! Elena was amazed, she discovered that a woman could choose a life without a husband and children. It was a dangerous notion in Russia. A radical idea. Elena did not have to be with some one she didn't want to be with. It was up to her!