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Elena and Meg

So long Americas

Our bouncing from shore to shore might be coming to an end! There is a country in the Mediterranean where, there is a good chance, Meg and I will become residents. In the same country! With equal rights! If and when we get there.

We are crossing the Caribbean sea, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean. Right back where we started!

Elena and Meg
Elena and Meg
Elena and Meg


If I learned anything over the years of our never-ending journey, it is that, more than anything, people need people. Meg and I need people. We are alone running from one place to another. Fewer of them now that my country is waging a war in Europe. If what we've done moved you drop us a line. A few words of recognition will raise our spirits.

  • Dear Elena and Meg, you two women inspire me to no end. Your story brought me to tears. You remind me that life is really all about what you want to do between being born and dying. It is ours. We define ourselves. We choose who we love. I will never forget you and your story. Your story will change lives. Therese.
  • I find it inexplicable that you story is not widely known. It is truly the greatest tale of love, strength and courage I ever heard of! Hope to see the English translation of the book and see you adventure on the big screen real soon. Alex.
  • Дорогие наши сёстры! Здесь, в России, читая о вашем подвиге во имя любви и во имя того, чтобы быть самими собой, а не теми зомби, в которых нас, женщин, хочет превратить мир патриархата, мы восхищаемся вами, шлём вам лучи нашего сестринского тепла, поддержки, надежды на то, что вы победите и добьётесь того, к чему стремитесь. Марина.
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