Hi! Привет! Hola! Salut!

Looking for Elena and Meg? This is the place. You heard the story right. We crossed the planet on a sailboat, to be together.

Elena and Meg


We left Canada in 2012 and had adventures ever since.

Elena and Meg

We wrote our story down

I know, I know that's just what you need, another bloody book in your face. But I couldn't help but to write the story of my escape and liberation. And Meg wrote about our voyage because she wants you to do what we've done. To do what really counts before it's too late!

Elena and Meg

Our Life on the run

We are running between the few places that grant tourist entry to both Russians and Canadians. Stick around and see how our story resolves. If it ever does!

  • Dear Elena and Meg, you two women inspire me to no end. Your story brought me to tears. You remind me that life is really all about what you want to do between being born and dying. It is ours. We define ourselves. We choose who we love. I will never forget you and your story. Your story will change lives. Therese.
  • I find it inexplicable that you story is not widely known. It is truly the greatest tale of love, strength and courage I ever heard of! Hope to see the English translation of the book and see you adventure on the big screen real soon. Alex.
  • Дорогие наши сёстры! Здесь, в России, читая о вашем подвиге во имя любви и во имя того, чтобы быть самими собой, а не теми зомби, в которых нас, женщин, хочет превратить мир патриархата, мы восхищаемся вами, шлём вам лучи нашего сестринского тепла, поддержки, надежды на то, что вы победите и добьётесь того, к чему стремитесь. Марина.
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The journey continues!

We are done with the Americas and heading right back to the Med. We are preparing the boat right now and taking off in a couple of weeks or so!

Meg is supposed to figure out how to post satilite messages on the website. If she does, you will be able to watch our progress. Links will be in this section.