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Where is that Canadian citizenship for Elena?

When Meg and I washed up on Canada's shore, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service asked me to spy on the Russian community in exchange for immigration favours. I declined. After a 12 years of bureaucratic bungling and game playing, I was denied citizenship and equality with Meg. I have a passport of Russia, Meg has a passport of Canada. To stay together, we live in exile and on the run between the few countries that permit both Canadians and Russians ashore as tourists.

Where are we are now, and what are we up to?

We are in a tropical jungle, less that ten degrees from the equator, and dreaming of Scotland.

We are doing what we always have, since setting eyes on each other in Kiev: living, loving, and experiencing each day we have together and trying to stay safe.

Elena asked for citizenship

in Ukraine and Costa Rica. There was no response.

Elena tells about her life with Meg now

in Love Across Enemy Lines.


Talking to the Moon, book, Elena Ivanova Frack the Rules, book, by Meg Stone