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Living the dream

Greetings, a friend in any part of the world! In Russia, I was convinced one has to suffer, mold yourself into what others want you to be, destroying your very self in the process. Then, out of the blue, I met a person who showed me that I was programmed to think that way. I discovered I didn’t have to wreck my life! That I have the full right to love myself and live as I need to, for me.

My encounter with Meg was the beginning of my new life and new me, the one who doesn’t lie to herself. From then on, I’ve been living my own most sacred dream. The kind of life I was convinced was unattainable and simply not permitted: when I love myself and don’t let others trample me and my life.

Elena and Meg, Elena Vaytsel

With every new day I am grateful to the Universe that Meg and I have met. And to myself for taking the steps necessary to achieve what I have today: my freedom, my family, the authentic me, and the ability to cherish the world I was born into.

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What is it Meg and I are up to today?

We have no mutual country until this day. We live our life and stay together by bouncing between developing countries where Russians are admitted as tourists.

A rare opportunity to own a piece of Elena and Meg’s love story!

This extraordinary canvas is truly nature expressing herself through the incredibly rare convergence of time, space, physical laws, and the love of two people from across enemy lines, forced into exile to be together.

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