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A Rule-shattering Love Story

Meg and Elena, not a publicity stunt

It's no secret: Meg's family is filthy rich. And Meg's sister is the Calgary, billionaire socialite, life-partner of Canadian, LGBT, superstar k.d. lang.

So, bloody, what!? Media, bureaucrats, and whomever, please take this as official notice: these people in Calgary, Canada, have not now, nor have they ever had any connection to us: emotionally, financially, socially, or otherwise.

We are on our own. Everything we are doing is by our own resources, strength and will. Our lives and the way we live to survive and stay together, is not a publicity stunt.

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In 2006, Meg and I got together in Ukraine and all hell broke loose. But we are happy, it did. Had it not, we wouldn't have the kind of experience that not only made it possible for us to stay together, but also opened the world to us and liberated us. Until this day, we have no mutual country of citizenship, yet safety and comfort isn't as important to us as us being together and getting from our lives all we can.

Our journey doesn't seem to end and we have no idea where the wind will carry us to. But what a life! It is our own!

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You thought our story was over when we washed up on Canadian West coast?

Nope! We are still at it. You see, once we've become free, there was no way back. We are on the same damn boat and we keep having an adventure neither of us could have imagined. To us, it is all about experience and staying true to ourselves.

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We're Coming Out of the Closet!

Hear ye! Hear ye! To all parties interested or not, let it be known to all and sundry, Elena Ivanova and Meg Stone shall henceforth be known by their real names: Elena Vaytsel and Morgan Aitken.